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5.7 qt. covered stewpot
5.7 QT.




Oven Induction Gas Electric Ceramic
Combining pure practicality in the kitchen with an elegant size for serving, the Lagostina Opera 5.7 Qt. Covered Stewpot proves exceptionally useful for anything from cooking delicious stews in the oven to simmering soup, boiling pasta, or cooking up large quantities on the stovetop. Premium Lagostina Opera cookware provides superior craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and technological innovation to ensure optimal results every time. Each piece features a unique three-layer LagoFusion base for fast, even heat distribution throughout and an exclusive high-heat process that fuses both metals to ensure a perfect bond. Other highlights include graceful contours, heat-resistant handles, and a gleaming stainless-steel exterior for striking beauty in any kitchen. Infuse the quintessential Italian style of cooking and sharing into everyday or special-occasion cooking with Lagostina Opera cookware.

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Covered stewpot

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